Research and Harmonisation Activities in Support of EU Legislation in the Field of Packaging of Foodstuffs

Workgroup: Compliance of packaging material

Scientific Partners and Guidance: Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV; Dr. Roland Franz

Financing: IVLV
Duration: 2009-2013

Fraunhofer IVV was and still is involved in EU relevant activities and thus can provide an interface function between IVLV and EU level for a corresponding exchange of information. They also are able to take over, moderate and co-ordinate packaging related project activities in the sense of IVLV members.

The main objective of the project work which has to be applied middle-term with the prospect of success, is to generate a feed back mechanism by transferring information from the ‘EU level’ to IVLV which enables this working group not only to participate informal in direct EU events but rather to interfere actively in EU events. In this way it can be achieved that the EU legislation and law-independent regulations sufficiently account for the professional competence as well as the requirements of the industry and herewith especially of IVLV- member companies.

The economic importance of the research topics for smaller as well as medium-sized business companies is very high, as these project activities represent for most firms the only possibility of gaining access to important information in the field of EU regulations at an early stage and therefore to innovate and head for appropriate decisions of corporate policy.

Project Reports