IVLV Membership

Membership of the IVLV offers your company numerous benefits:

  • An innovative network of idea-rich technical expertise in companies and research organizations
  • Close contact with young qualified scientists and engineers having special know-how
  • Comprehensive project funding for issues that are important to you, without the need for direct own financial contributions
  • Knowledge acquisition for your industry and the latest findings at first-hand
  • Financial discounts for industry/training events

Member companies fund research that is benificial to the society. Contributions and expenditure for German companies are tax-deductible.

The knowledge acquired in joint projects flows immediately to the participating companies via direct knowledge transfer. All members have constant access to all the project results on the secure part of our website. Guidelines and technical bulletins specially prepared for industrial applications can also be accessed.

Our members get considerable discounts for training seminars and other topic-specific events organized with our partners. At such events views can be exchanged and results discussed. Successful implementations are highlighted and new ideas put forward.

Apply for Membership
The annual general meeting is always combined with the meeting of a working group.