Market dynamics in combination with increasing competition result in high production demand within companies in the food, consumer goods, and packaging sectors. Ever more complex situations under difficult boundary conditions necessitate flexible utilization of the available resources – both inside and outside a company. For interdisciplinary issues at the interfaces of the value-creation chain, it is advantageous to bring together the expertise of the individual companies and suitable research organizations.

Indeed, the complexity and cost of the required research work is often too large for a single company to bear. The identification of key research areas and the IVLV network help tackle this problem. Precompetitive research projects are undertaken, whereby relevant partners are networked, new knowledge is acquired, and practical solutions are identified.

The IVLV network stands for innovation via joint research and comprises of:

  • More than 160 companies involved in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics manufacturing, packaging system and packaging material manufacturing, as well as the construction of machinery for manufacturing food and packaging materials;
  • over 25 research organizations, university departments/institutes, technical colleges, and non-university research establishments;
  • and collaborative partners such as the VDMA and ZLV.