Funding commitment

In addition to public funding from the BMWi, contributions from industry are also important for promoting science in the context of industrial joint research. For every IVLV research project that wants to acquire public funding, it is therefore necessary that there is sufficient interest in the research topic on the part of the economy. This interest is demonstrated to the public donor by

  • IVLV member companies and / or
  • Companies with technical expertise on the subject.

Companies without IVLV membership can support the public funding and the realization of the project with a funding commitment to the IVLV. If you would like to support the IVLV financially in order to fulfill its tax-privileged association purpose, please fill out the following form and send it to the IVLV office.

Forms, can be filled in on the screen, only valid with an original signature:
IVLV Funding commitment (company)
IVLV Funding commitment (association)