Industry Association for Food Technology and Packaging (IVLV)

Together, we focus our research on the entire value chain for safely packaged foods of high and long-lasting quality. In addition to the membership and grant contributions from industry, we are acquiring about 3,5 million € of public funding annually.

Over 220 members benefit from the network of knowledge of the IVLV. The participating industries are:

  • the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries,
  • the packaging system and packaging material manufacturing industries,
  • and the packaging engineering sector

The joint research that is undertaken, paves the way for future business opportunities and enhances the innovation of not only SMEs but also large companies. Our members benefit from each other and from close collaborations with 25 research organizations which undertake the project work. The IVLV is currently engaged in 46 joint research projects in different key areas. These projects are being undertaken in collaboration with a total of 28 university departments/institutes, technical colleges, and non-university research organizations. The IVLV provides a solid knowledge basis for industry, supports young scientists, and makes newly acquired knowledge rapidly available to its members. Subsequently, the IVLV helps its individual members implement profitable innovative solutions.

  • Even more benefits for members include:
  • Discounts at business events and seminars (up to 75%)
  • Solution-oriented guidelines and technical bulletins
  • Access to the project data base (with extensive research outcomes since 1998)
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IVLV working groups

Preservation of food quality

We create the understanding for the changes which take place in packaged food.

Compliance of the packaging material

We identify alternative methods for effective evaluation of the compliance of packaging

Filling and packaging processes

We analyze and optimize automated manufacturing and packaging processes

Packaging Materials

We develop special packaging solutions to preserve product quality.

Chocolate technology

We develop new raw materials to guarantee optimum quality and taste.

Hygienic production

We develop novel solutions for the hygienic design of processing machinery