Investigation on the Effectivity of Conching Systems

Workgroup: Chocolate technology

IVLV-Projectteam Leader: Dr. G. Balimann, Chocolat Frey
Contract Partner: FhIVV, Freising
Responsible: Dr. Dr.-Ing. habil. G. Ziegleder

Financing: IVLV
Time: 1998 – 2000

Conching means the predominant processing step within chocolate production. It decides about the sensorial quality of chocolate but is highly energy- and time-consuming. Therefore, it is necessary to learn more about the physical-chemical processes within the conches and about their influence on taste. It is an industrial aim to optimize conching duration.

Different finished milk chocolates were produced by IVLV-members with conching times ranging between 8 and 24h. They shall be sensorially evaluated and analyzed by several techniques: measurement of volatile components by GC/MS and aromasensors, measurement of rheological and physical properties. All the results should be compared and combined with the aim to define a minimum or an optimum conching time.