Antimicrobial Films

Development and application of sealable antimicrobial films for food packaging

Workgroup: Preservation of food quality

Spokesman of IVLV-Project Team: N. N.
Research Institution: Fraunhofer IVV, Freising
Scientific Guidance: Dr. G. Ziegleder

IGF: 14954 N
Financing: BMWi
Project Duration: 2007 – 2009

The task of antimicrobial films for food packaging is to reduce or to avoid the growth of micro-organisms on the surface of foodstuffs. This is an important step to preserve the quality and to prolong shelf life. The antimicrobial effect can be generated via release of small amounts of active compounds from the packaging film onto the surface of the packed goods. Recent developments at the Fraunhofer Institute led to efficient antimicrobial coatings based on food compatible constituents, which can be applied as an upgrade to many conventional food packaging films.

Aim of the present AiF-project is to vary and improve the coating to yield a surface, which is antimicrobial active and can be at the same time used as a sealing layer. The active components will be Benzoic or Sorbic acid, which are allowed to be used in food and plastic materials as well. The basic material should be also food compatible. The application of the coating should be performed by means of conventional lacquering technology.


The IGF project presented here by the Research Association of the Industrial Association for Food Technology and Packaging (IVLV e.V.) is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action via the AiF as part of the program for the promotion of industrial community research (IGF) based on a decision of the German Bundestag.