Implementation of Research Results of the WG QSVL into European Methods and Standards

Workgroup: Compliance of packaging material

Scientific Partners and Guidance:
Fraunhofer Institute for Processengineering and Packaging IVV, Dr. R. Franz

Financing: IVLV
Project Duration: 2012

The main objective of project works of the IVLV AG ‘QSVL’ is to support and implement time and cost efficient as well as generally [European] accepted test procedures for packaging materials of foodstuffs. This requires interfacing actions between the EU level [legislation and other relevant EU activities] and the standardisation bodies CEN [CEN TC194/ SC1] and DIN [DIN/ NMP mirror committee]. The AG ‘QSVL’ as an additional interface enables AG members to join actively European harmonisation developments and by this way offers the chance to respond company-internal quality assurance and company policy to the European future at an early stage.

Due to the complex and very special character of this project work a middle-termed scheduling of the project with corresponding institutional and personal continuity is necessary. The Fraunhofer IVV optimally fulfils the requirements for a successful project work. The project work and outcome enables IVLV members to be continuously informed of the actual state of standardisation and prepared for obvious future developments in the area. This circumstance will certainly increase the market competence and enforce competitive advantages.