Research topics

The IVLV supports projects of pre-competitive industrial community research on foods, related products and related packaging technology. Research topics are defined directly from the member companies according to the bottom-up principle. Proposals can be submitted in workshops and meetings of the IVLV working groups as well as in the theme exchange. Promising topics are developed to proposals, in cooperation with research centers, for which direct or public funding can be applied for.


Directly funded by IVLV resources
Projects on urgent issues and those which concern multiple members can be funded directly by the IVLV according to the available resources. Proposals are defined in the workshops and meetings of the IVLV Working Groups. It is also possible to extend preliminary research in order to increase compound projects. A short description (about 5 DinA4 pages) with the following content is required for the application for funding:

  • Situation/Problem
  • Aim of research
  • Approach of solution
  • Economic significance
  • Plan for financing

In addition, an industry committee consisting of sufficient companies, who will actively support the project, is to be appointed with contact persons and a potential committee spokesperson. All participating companies are expected to have an IVLV membership or a willingness to contribute an IVLV grant amounting to two years’ membership. The transfer of contributions from individual companies by an industrial association is possible.

The IVLV Board decides on the allocation of direct IVLV funding, considering the membership votes in December. Short descriptions for this must be submitted to the office by 31 October. In the case of particularly urgent questions and with the resources available, decisions can also be made on other dates.

Publicly funded projects
The IVLV, as a member association of the AiF, is entitled to apply for public funding in the IGF (Industrial Community Research) program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The BMWi is promoting projects which are application-oriented and pre-competitive and will furthermore improve the competitive situation of small and medium-sized enterprises on a sustained basis.

For the application for IGF funding, a research proposal must be drawn up according to the funding guidelines of the AiF (German). Guideline, guide and advisory questionnaire should be studied before the application process. The application for funding should be formulated in a comprehensible manner without special thematic expertise and answer the following questions:

  • Where lies the problem that needs solution for the industry?
  • What is the scientific and technical approach for the solution? (Hypothesis)
  • What is the approach of achieving the R&D target?
  • How can the expected results be implemented for KMU and how are the results transferred?

With the commencement of a project, an accompanying committee (pgA) from industry representatives has to be compiled. It must include sufficient (at least 7) companies, of which at least 5 or half kmU. A representative from the industry will be appointed as the future industrial spokesman for the project accompanying committee. All representatives of industry in the pgA have the possibility to control the project, to advise and support the research institutes, as well as to benefit directly from the transfer of the results to the industry. The IVLV membership or the willingness to perform an IVLV grant contribution of two years’ membership is expected from all companies participating in the new project. The transfer of contributions from individual companies by an industrial association is possible.

Submission deadlines

The submission of proposals for the IGF is possible continuously throughout the year at the IVLV office. The submissions are formally examined by the office and rated by the members of the IVLV advisory committee. There is a possibility of revision of the submission, after the examination. High-quality proposals are being submitted to the thematically structured advisory committee of the AiF. The applications should be present 3,5 months before the meeting of the suitable advisory committee to avoid delays by the advisory process.