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Spray cleaning of processing machines

Development of a simulation tool for a constructive interpretation of noozle based spray cleaning systems in food processing machines (CISim)

Workgroup: Hygienic production

Scientific Partners and Guidance:

  1. Fraunhofer AVV, Mr. A. Boye
  2. Technical UNiversity Dresden, Mr. Daniel Höhne

IGF: 16438BR
Financing: BMWi
Duration: 2009 – 2012

Spray cleaning, as a machine feature of open systems, gains more and more importance in food industry. The verification of the design of such systems and thus the selection of specific nozzles, their alignment and built-in position have been done only on a real prototype. Especially in complex systems, a safe (no spray shadows) and efficient (decreased need for cleaning agents) design of such cleaning systems is barely possible without computer support. A manageable and easy integration of such a design tool into existing CAD systems does not exist as yet.

Aim of the research is the implementation of the CIP-designing in the constructive development process using an appropriate software solution. Characteristics of different cleaning nozzles have to be analyzed, classified and provided in an electronic format for this purpose. Furthermore, a method has to be found, how the influences of the parameters of cleaning systems (e.g. pressure, geometry …) can be modeled in a spray shadow simulation.

The interdisciplinary work on this topic is carried out by two research institutes and is divided into three main points. First of all, focus is given to classification of existing nozzle systems and development of a method for receiving spray patterns within the tests. Furthermore, simulation software has to be developed, which matches with the empirically determined data. It calculates a spray pattern by using predetermined cleaning nozzles, user-specific process parameters and the CAD model of the component, which has to be tested. This pattern is visually represented on the model and gives information, how users can optimize the configuration of the spray cleaning system. Finally, based on practical tests at the plants of industry partners the model will be verified and further developed.

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The IGF project presented here by the Research Association of the Industrial Association for Food Technology and Packaging (IVLV e.V.) is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy via the AiF as part of the program for the promotion of industrial community research (IGF) based on a decision of the German Bundestag.