Recyclable Packaging

Structure of the Research Field “Recyclable Packaging”

Workgroup: Packaging Materials

Scientific Partners and Guidance:

  • Fraunhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV, Dresden

Financing: IVLV
Duration: 2019

The Industry Association for Food Technology and Packaging (IVLV) promotes pre-competitive joint research and organizes regular working group meetings with companies of the network in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IVV.

The event "VVD Workshop meets Freisinger Tage 2019", which connected the both IVLV working groups "Filling and Packaging Processes" and "Packaging Materials", took place in Freising on 6/7 February 2019. The aim of this workshop was to take up the needs of the member companies according to the motto "Shaping future research topics". The opportunity to address their research needs in particular on the subject of "recyclable packaging" in view of the new packaging law was very actively used by the present companies.

Therefore, the strategic goal is to raise awareness for the topic of "recyclable packaging" and to establish the IVLV as a joint research platform along the value chain.

The aim of this project is the development of the research field "recyclable packaging" including the elaboration of first project ideas and the technical planning of events. The entire value chain from raw material to recycling is to be included.