Packaging Material Test

Test of friction and bending resistance of films under dynamic processing conditions

Workgroup: Filling and Packaging Processes

Spokesman of IVLV-Project Team: Dr.H. Drut/GVL mbH
Research Institution: Fraunhofer AVV, Dresden
Scientific Guidance: Mr. A. Husner

Financing: IVLV
Project Duration: 2003 – 2006

The friction and the bending-resistance are measured quasi-statically according to DIN/ASTM-standard. The strain of the foils during this measuring is not equal to the strain of the web in the packaging machines. Due to this it is not possible to give a rating for the machine runability with these measured parameters. The aim of the project is to develop a method for testing the friction and the bending-resistance under conditions existing in packaging machines. It bases on the cognition that the relevant properties (friction, resistance of bending) depend on the bending radius, the web-tension and the web speed. The influence of electrostatics is to take into consideration.

Based on the experimental tests theoretical considerations for friction and bending have to be carried out. In this way the steps guiding around a web on non-rotating rollers, forming a web into a flexible tube and the developing of a testing method have to be made. The basis for the first two steps is the web testing rig, which was constructed in preparation for this project. With this testing rig it is possible to simulate the same conditions as they are in packaging processes and to make reproducible measurements. With the results and the experiences it should be able to design a laboratory testing device and testing procedure.

In our point of view the research results will have a directly influence on the design of the forming collars, rollers and web transport systems. Further it can be used for optimizing packaging process parameters an for detecting disturbs in packaging processes as well. The results are important for foil-producer, machine designers and users of packaging machines. To use the results will help to increase the quality, productivity and reliability of packaging machines and to reduce the processing costs.