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Multimaterial vers. monomaterial

Assessment of the barrier of multilayer materials vs. thickness of plastic mono materials

Workgroup: Packaging materials

Scientific Partners and Guidance:

  1. Fraunhofer Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV Freising, Dr. Kajetan Müller

Financing: IVLV e. V.
Duration: 2019

According to the packaging law from 2019 the legal recycling rates in Germany were raised for all packaging materials. 90 % of plastic waste has to be recycled, as of 2022 70 % thereof has to be fed to the mechanical recycling.

Up to now the fraction of difficult to recycle multi-material films is dominating in particular in the field of oxygen and water vapour sensitive food (coffee, meet, meat products, fish convenience products, ready to eat products, preserved food, dry food). In order to meet the above mentioned recycling rates we have to know where the multi-material films can be substituted by mono-material with regard to their required barrier properties.

Against this background a comparative study of the barrier properties of multi-material vs. mono-material films will be performed in a 9 month IVLV project. The project will concentrate on confectionary, dairy and meat products packed in bags, deep drawn films and lid films. Product related evaluations will be performed to answer the following questions: a) which multilayer structures are qualified for mono-material solutions in order to comply with the barrier requirements and b) which food products must not be packed in mono-material films.

Within the scope of this IVLV project areas of interest will be identified in order to define further research proposals for industrial joint research projects (IGF proposal).