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Milk Powder for Chocolate Industry

Influence of whole and skim milk powder on the crystallization properties of milk chocolates under consideration of lactose structure

Workgroup: Chocolate technology

Scientific Partners and Guidance:
Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packagaing IVV, Mr. W. Danzl

Financing: IVLV
Duration: 2011 – 2013

Milk chocolates and milk based fillings are economically dominating the chocolate market but can be differ greatly in taste and other qualities and properties. Partly less is known on the influences of milk powder on the properties of milk chocolates. With the measurement of crystalline and amorphous lactose it becomes possible to characterize milk powders and to investigate their chemical reactivity. From 2010-2012 the properties of milk and whey powders have already been investigated on the focus of amorphous lactose and its influence on milk chocolate qualities. Especially whole milk powders showed a strong impact.

Defined whole and skim milk powders and chocolates produced with these powders will be analyzed on their content of amorphous lactose through dynamic vapor sorption. By the use of different humidities and temperatures the amorphous lactose in the powders will be re-crystallized. The reactivity of the milk powders will be investigated in dependency of their composition and pre-treatment. The state of lactose and the structure of the milk powders will be correlated with the crystallization behavior of milk chocolates and other important physical properties (rheology, free fat, particle size distribution and particle morphology)

  • The companies of the project team provide defined whole and skim milk powders or produce samples after pre-discussed drying conditions. Possible parameters are: different protein and lactose content, variation in water content or spray and roller mill drying.
  • Respectively milk chocolates will be investigated. Fraunhofer IVV has built up a small chocolate pilot plant. It is possible to use these facilities to produce milk chocolates in a scale up to 5 kg per batch.
  • The milk powders will be stored under defined climate (humidity and temperature) and change in colour and flavor will be analyzed.
  • Amorphous lactose will be quantified and re-crystallized in the dynamic vapour sorption system
  • Physical and chemical properties of the different milk powders will be investigated
  • The crystallization behavour of the milk chocolates (fresh and after re-crystallization of amorphous lactose) will be analyzed with DSC, Multitherm and NMR

(1) W. Danzl, G. Ziegleder. Untersuchung der Kristallisation amorpher Lactose in Milchpulver anhand Dynamischer Wasserdampfsorption. Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 80 (2008) 3, 351-357