Easy Opening

Development of a Standardised Test Method for Determining and Defining the Peeling and Opening Forces of Heat Sealed Seams of Peelable Packages

Workgroup: Filling and Packaging Processes

Spokesman of IVLV-Project Team: N.N.
Research Institution: Fraunhofer AVV, Dresden
Scientific Guidance: Ms A. Liebmann

Financing: IVLV
Project Duration: 2005

The aim of the project is the development of a standardised test method for determination of the opening forces of heat sealed and peelable packages.

The first step includes an investigation and classification of available heat sealed and peelable packages, which is the base for the analysis and systematisation of the opening processes. Further it is necessary to work out peeling parameters especially the material combination, machinery parameters and the geometry of seams.

The second project step contains the development, construction and validation of a test rig. By means of laboratory tests the peeling parameters are to be estimated qualitatively and quantitatively. The opening forces, which can be applied by the customer, should be determined and involved into the generation of a test guideline.

Final Report