Easy Opening: Opening principles

Methodology for Test Methods, Reference Values and Guidelines for further Opening Principles according to peelable Packagings

Workgroup: Filling and packaging processes

Scientific Partners and Guidance:
Fraunhofer AVV, Ms. A. Liebmann / Ms. I. Schreib

Financing: IVLV
Duration: 2011

An optimal packaging has to achieve protection for the product from environmental influences as well as the prevention of adverse impacts of the product on the environment with minimum use of material. Ideally, packaging enables effective operations throughout the whole life cycle of the packaged product during manufacture, distribution, storage and use. Product image and user-friendlyness are closely related to the sales success of a product and also includes the easy opening of the package.

The subject "Easy opening of peelable packaging" has already been developed in a test method to determine opening forces on peelable packages (IGF-Project 15 261 BR, IVLV-Technical bulletin No. 103/2010). It is currently being transferred in a DIN standard (BMWi-Project "Transfer of R & D results by standardization"). Furthermore, reference values for consumer-friendly opening forces were provided. An IVLV Technical bulletin with recommendations for the design of peelable packages, published in spring 2011, concludes the activities in the area of peelable sealed seams.

This research work concerning “Easy opening of peelable packaging” received wide support in the packaging industry as well as in the Standardization Committee. There is a strong demand for a trans-fer of the approved method of developing a test procedure and identifying reference values for easy opening of packages to other opening principles (e. g. screw-, ring-pull-, clasp closure). Within the IVLV-Project "Easy Opening – Opening principle” an information pool in relation to dif-ferent opening principle is being worked out. Aim of the project is the systematic approach "Opening principle Peel" by developing a methodology for test methods, reference values and guidelines regard-ing to the mega trend "demographic change" for further opening principles. As a second result of the project a basic structure of opening principles of packaging is provided. This system also serves a principle-based identification of research and standardization needs.

Current information about science-topics around “Easy Opening” and their results are made available on the homepage www.easy-opening.com by the Fraunhofer AVV.