Cooperative test for the assessment of crystallization behaviour of cocoa butter and cocoa masses

Workgroup: Chocolate technology

Scientific Partners and Guidance:
Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV, Mr. W. Danzl

Financing: IVLV
Duration: 2014 – 2016

Under economic point of views a fast crystallization of chocolates is necessary to guarantee high production speed. Therefore tempering machines and cooling tunnel need to be set to the optimal conditions. Only ideal crystallization gives products which are stable against fat bloom. Despite the already gained knowledge of pre-crystallization there are still uncertainties and problems due to unsteady product qualities of the cocoa butter. It is well known, that cocoa butter and masses of different origins may show different crystallization behavior. The project “cocoa butter“ could show, that minor components may have a big influence on the physical properties of cocoa butter, cocoa masses and chocolates. Different methods for measuring the crystallization properties do not always deliver the same results.

Goal: Different methods for measuring crystallization behavior of cocoa butter have been established in the chocolate industry. These methods should be compared in a cooperative test to show their abilities also on cocoa masses. The comparability of the results between different laboratories and the reproducibility will be investigated. Project partners will have the chance to compare notes and discuss different measuring methods and to optimize the scheme of measuring.

Fraunhofer IVV will provide homogenized and standardized samples for the measurements (For example cocoa butter of different origins (Bahia, West Africa, mixture of cocoa butter and milk fat)), sends the samples do the participating laboratories and makes the evaluation of the different results. At the organized meetings at Fraunhofer IVV methods and recommendations will be derived.

Used Methods:

  • DSC (isotherm and with cooling rates)
  • Micro DSC
  • Multitherm
  • Shukoff
  • NMR
  • Rheometry

Project Reports