Alternative splicing methods

Strategies for the Development alternative splicing Methods

Workgroup: Filling and Packaging Processes

Manager of the project team: N.N.
Research institution: Fraunhofer AVV, Dresden
Scientific guidance: Hr. M. Schönfeld/Prof. Dr. H. Goldhahn

Financing: IVLV
Project duration: 2002

The sealing and welding of plastic films in form-, fill- and closing machines is significant for the quality of package and packaging process efficiency. Particularly the heat contact method has reached the application limit and it caused processing defects.

Aim of the research project is to develop strategies for alternative thermic and non thermic splicing methods. Basic approaches are to investigate the properties of new plastics and adhesives as well as technologies for local coating and appropriate splicing methods.


  • Analysis of demands on form-, fill- and sealing machines
  • Investigating the properties of sealing materials, sealing lacquers, adhesives and electrical conductive plastics
  • Local coating systems of splicing material
  • Technical system gathering for drying, cooling and hardening
  • Investigating the sealing, welding and splicing methods; Development of alternative procedures
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Technology Assessment
  • Work out an research application at AiF-Fördervereinigung to continue the development of the promising technologies