70 %-Chocolates

Optimal production of dark chocolates with high cocoa mass level

Workgroup: Chocolate technology

Research Institution: Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung IVV
Spokesman of IVLV-Project Team: Dr G. Balimann/Chocolat Frey
Scientific Guidance: Dr Dr habil. G. Ziegleder
Financing: FoGe
Project Duration: 2005

Since some years an increasing number of companies produce dark chocolates with high level of cocoa mass (minimum 70 percent of cocoa mass). These chocolates are premium products and differ from normal chocolate on the market. They reach a specific and partly new group of consumers and are of economic interest.

There is no empirical or scientific experience how so-called 70%-chocolates should be produced optimally. In detail, it is not known, which refining and conching conditions are necessary or optimum. Increased content of cocoa mass (70 % cocoa) and decreased content of sucrose (< 30 %) make a strong difference to usual chocolates (about 30 % cocoa mass, 50 % sugar). Optimum processing has to be developed accordingly. Another difference between 70%- and other chocolates is that in the 70%-type a greater portion of flavour grade cocoa beans is used, which brings new efforts in conching. The aim of the project is to look for the best and economic refining and conching conditions. Within the project new methods and knowledge shall be applied, which have been generated in the former IVLV project on „economic techniques for flavour improvement of chocolates“. Different industrial conching techniques shall be compared sensorially and analytically.